Date Night at the Drive-In

Last night was so beautiful and summery, so the boyfriend and I decided to make it a date night at the drive-in movie theater! We are so lucky to live just an hour away from this nostalgic little spot, so we packed up the SUV and headed out for a night of vintage entertainment. Here are some of the photos from our retro rendezvous...

On the road! Doug will ride with his head out the window, ears and lips flapping, at literally any speed.

Can I just take a moment to brag about my beautiful city? There aren't many highways that run alongside sparkling blue lakes and sun-dappled mountains. I am going to miss it here so much!

Made it! We stopped on the way to pick up a good ol' bucket of KFC chicken... My body was NOT happy with me after eating that, but it just felt so apropos at the time. And it was friggen delicious, I'm not going to lie...

We brought two single air mattresses to put in the back of the SUV... but we forgot the pump and had to blow them up ourselves. I only got mine about 1/4 full before I had to stick my head between my knees, so the boyfriend had to finish for me.. he said something about lung capacity, but I think he just blows a hell of a lot more hot air than I do ;)

All set up in the back! I know it's not traditional, but this is definitely the best way to watch a drive-in movie! The truck even has multiple speakers in the back, so it was like having surround sound!

Best seats in the house! I tell ya, it really does not get much better than this.

Me and my guy in front of the big screen! The movie can't play until the sun goes down so we had a few hours to hang out in the field. Doug even met some of the other folks' furry friends.

He's ready to watch the show...

But, he fell asleep before the previews even started!

My handsome gentleman with the snacks! 

Doug woke up to eat some Swedish Berries... he's a big fan.

And that was our date!! It was truly wonderful and felt so deliciously old-fashioned and wholesome. If you've got a drive-in anywhere nearby, I would highly recommend going with your sweetheart, your family, or just a bunch of friends. 

*The vintage-style filter that I applied to these photos came from here, if anyone is wondering*


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  2. Wow!! Beyond jealous! Over here in little old England we don't have any of those; it's something I've always wanted to do! Also, your dog is super cute
    Elsie :)

    The Procrastimaker

    1. Also what film did you see!?

    2. It was "The Avengers" - I think my guy figured that the only way I'd go see it was if he advertised a trip to the drive-in, hahaha! But it was actually pretty good, as far as action movies go!

    3. Hahaha! The Avengers was bearable, would definitely have been made better if I was in a drive in theatre!! My brothers insisted on taking me to see Prometheus for my birthday the other week... wasn't impressed! I did suggest 3D Beauty and the Beast but that didn't go down too well, as you would imagine!

  3. Oh my goodness I am so jealous! I have been wanting to go to a drive-in forever! They are just so much fun, and it really looks and sounds like you guys had a great time!

  4. drive in dates are the best invented date! i love them tons:)

  5. How fun! We hit up a drive-in last summer while on vacation. Nothing says summer more than a trip to the drive-in!

  6. What a great date! Sadly I remember when Drive-In's were pretty common :) We still have one about 15 min. from us and we go a few times each summer -- I love your cinder block table! And Doug . . . he is ADORABLE!

  7. Looks like a great date! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. That looks and sounds like so much fun!
    Love the editing btw-the pictures look fab!


    Shubhi's Revels!

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog! what a lovely date! happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  10. Ahhh you both are so lovely. I definitely jealous with u ha ha ha.
    btw thanks for popping by and your lovely comment :)


  11. amazing idea for a date!!!!thank you so much for your lovely comment,you just started alovely blog!I m following you!

  12. I love this post so much =) lots of fresh inspiration for me =))

    Oh, please, check out my blog and new mint look with studded clutch and tell what you think =)
    And we can follow each other if you want =))

    Hope we keep in touch =)

  13. Sure honey, we can follow each other if you want!:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  14. I am seriously jealous! The drive-in here closed when I was a teenager. These photos are so cute!

    -Lacie Rose


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