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Well blog, it’s been a while! The game of life has been extra crazy as of late, and somehow crafting, cooking, and other lovely things have been benched. I need to get caught up and get this blog ball rolling again! Since I tend to be the type to chronicle my day-to-day on Instagram, what better way to recount the last couple months than to make an Instacollage!
Starting from the top left…
1. Our engagement photos got on which pretty much made my life complete, I'm not going to lie.
2. It rained in Vancouver. And it rained. And it rained. And it rained... Oh! And then! ... it rained.
3. My lovely fiance is working towards his dream of opening his own coffee shop. Love it! Love him!
4. I died my hair brown again and got Zooey Deschanel bangs. Totally digging them, even though they make me look mildly like an Asian child. 
5. I roamed the long, cold halls of my university like a zombie. This happens on the daily.
6. We trekked across the lonely, icy highway back home to visit the family multiple times.. This is no mean feat people.. there is actually a TV show out now about this exact highway called "The Highway to Hell" or something like that because it's so ridiculous.
7. I got a bitchin' little cruiser bike for Christmas! With a perfectly sized basket for Doug the pug! I'm so in love. 
8. The baby kitty is growing like a weed.
9. We made a wicked hanging garden out of an old shipping pallet... tutorial coming soon!
10. I bought shoes? I don't know...
11. We spent lots of lovely family time at our ski chalet.
12. Grad school kicked my ass. This also happens on the daily. 

So that's life lately in an Instagram nutshell! I do love that App... There's no other socially appropriate place for me to annoy people with pictures of my food, dog, and face. If you're into that, follow along and drop me a line so I can follow back (username is jenkluf).

Speaking of which.... If you haven't seen this video, WATCH IT NOW. It's hysterical. I nearly peed.



  1. Your kitten is SO FRIGGIN CUTE. And so are those shoes. Welcome back! ~Stephanie

  2. This video is hilarious! Oh my goodness I laughed so hard.

  3. I love your look with the bangs! They totally suit you, really cute! And that video? Think I might have died laughing!

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    Enter my giveaway to win a $80 MsDressy voucher!

  4. What a delightful lookin kitten! That is wonderful about your fiance opening working towards opening a coffee shop, we need more independent coffee shops in Canada and way less commercial ones (IMO). Does he have a name for his venture yet?


    1. Thanks Alli! I totally agree about the independent coffee shops. He hasn't quite committed to a name yet, but he's got a blog called "The Brew" which I think would be an excellent name for a cafe! Check it out if you're so inclined:


  5. (this is me rolling on the floor with laughter) That video was HILARIOUS! I loved it!

    Also, I would literally cry if my engagement photos made it on wedding gawker. I do so enjoy the entire gawker universe!

    AND, I really like the way you set this post up. It was a joy to read through and I love the idea of a instagram collage. A job very well done I'd say.

    - Dusty.


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