Big Wall Buttons

I like big BUTTONS and I cannot lie! (sorry, I had to do it)

Here’s a fun DIY project to create your own cute wall buttons! These huge buttons are made out of plastic plates from the thrift store, so they’re inexpensive, easy to create, and super cute in your home. I think they would make adorable decorations for a baby’s room too!

You'll Need:


ONE: mark where you want your holes to be and drill through the plate with your drill bit. Make sure you use protective eyewear to guard against plastic shards shooting into your eyeballs. I (a.k.a. my much more able husband) used a ½ inch bit because that’s what fit with my rope, but you can go bigger or smaller depending on what you’re using.

TWO: trace around your holes with a metallic gel paint (I used “Pebeo Porcelain 150 Outliner” in Pewter). This step is optional, but I think it makes your plates look even more like buttons!

THREE: stuff your rope through the holes and secure on the back with tape

FOUR: hang up and admire!


  1. These are magical! I just love this. So adorable and easy.

  2. This is an adorable idea! It will look great in my craft room.

  3. Adorable buttons! Even I love buttons!

    New Decoration for my dorm room!

  4. These are awesome. I can't wait to make several. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are so whimsical! We're thinking of moving to a larger home, where I might (fingers crossed!!) have a craft room -- wouldn't these just be ideal for that space? Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. So perfect! I have mine in my craft room, and they're just so adorable. I'll cross my fingers too that you get to have your dream crafting space!

  6. I love this idea, it amazes me, the things people come up with. I wish I had that kind of talent. Love buttons!

  7. Simple but a great impact on the wall when you put this huge buttons together with unique abstract art design on it.

  8. Simple but amazing decorative pieces

  9. Nice designs! There is a very easy fun what we can do at home readily. really appreciated work! Wall Decal Quotes


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