Fall 2013 To-Do List

Fall is officially here, and I am so excited! Autumn is my favourite season – I just love all the smells, colours, fall foods, fashions, and fun! Besides, my handsome fella proposed to me last Thanksgiving, so fall holds an especially cheesy and romantic place in my heart. This year, I won't get to do all of my favourite fall things since I'm a little less healthy than I was last year (ahem, thanks a lot, brain injury...), but I still wanted to put together this little Fall To-Do List to put up on my wall. If the list looks good to you too, click on the image below to download your own free printable!

What’s on your Fall bucket list?? xox


  1. CUTE! I love this thanks so much for the free printable, I printed mine out already and it looks so adorable. Im going to do all of them if I can!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Autumn is hands down my favorite season of all! I love literally everything about it. And! I love this to-do list! What a cute idea. Adorable.

    My list would include: carve pumpkins. open etsy shop. connect with family. consume as much mulled cider as humanly possible. consume double the amount of pumpkin spiced chai lattes as mulled cider. wear wonderful fall fashion. buy a new sweater (several if possible). cut my bangs. get more creative. and so much more! I could just go on and on because I LOVE Autumn SO much!

    This post was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
    p.s. I really am loving the new look around drawings under the table!!

    1. Thanks, Dusty! You're a sweetheart :) Your list is so great too, especially the pumpkin spiced chai lattes. YUMMO.

    2. For real!! So delicious! I think I may copy your idea! (and give you all the credit of course!) It is just to great to ignore!

  3. I love this post, Jen! Such a great idea. Fall is definitley a season to make the most of :)

  4. I love your fall to-do list! I made one too but mine doesn't look as cute as yours does ;)

  5. What a cute list of fall things to do, Fall is also my favorite time of year but it seems to be the shortest time of year too, and so many projects to get done. I have been looking at my front door for the past 2 weeks thinking I need to get my wreath done, maybe this weekend, along with your adorable print list.


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