Architectural Letters

3D Architectural Letters are very à la mode in the home right now, but they can be pretty expensive in stores. Here is a DIY project that will let you create your own architectural letters from cardstock and paper cups. These are so much fun!

You’ll Need:


ONE: Cut out your letters from a large piece of cardstock or chipboard. Be sure to use the first one you cut as a template for the second one so that both sides are exactly the same.

TWO: Glue down your paper cups to one of the cut-out letters. Alternate the direction of the cups each time. You can bend the cups a bit to fit within your design – make sure none of the cup is hanging over the edge of your letter.

THREE: Glue the second side of the letter on top of the cups. Let dry completely before moving on.

FOUR: Working with small strips, tape up your letter to create a 3D shape. You want the whole thing to be completely covered in tape, as smooth as you can make it! If you want to be able to paint on your letter, be sure to use a tape that isn't too slippery on the outside. I chose a paper packing tape and it worked well. 

FIVE: Decorate! I first painted mine blue, then wrapped it randomly with string and used white spray paint on top. Then I peeled off the string and voila!


  1. I love this DIY, so creative!
    I have a international giveaway going on right now! Would love if you entered!

  2. What a great moneysaving idea. I'm using store bought papermache & chipboard ones & the $$s definatley add up. I just hope I can make them look as good. Ta for tutorial

  3. Wonderful! (I am also loving the framed feathers next the the "J". and the frame.)


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