Metallic Dotted Tumblers

With only a week to go till Christmas, you may be looking for some last minute gift or home décor ideas. If so, you might want to give this quick and fun tutorial a try, and make some cute Metallic Dotted Tumblers! I’m so in love with mine – they make fabulous holiday party cups, AND they look awesome with a candle inside too. Give it a go!

You’ll Need:
Glass tumblers
Metallic glass paint
Wooden skewers
Adhesive foam sheet

Step 1: Cut out your stamps
Cut out three different sizes of small circles from the adhesive foam sheet. Peel off the sticky backing, and stick them to the flat end of the wooden skewers. Now you have your stamps!

Step 2: Start stamping
Starting with the largest of your three circle stamps, begin stamping your glass with the paint. Simply dip the stamp and dot on the colour! Use the larger, concentrated circles at the base of the glass, then gradually move to smaller, more spaced out circles near the top.

Step 3: Admire

Let your tumblers dry and admire your work! Serve festive bevvies out of your trendy glasses, or stick a candle in for a cheery glow!


  1. These are really adorable and oh so easy to make! I love it. I have really been enjoying Gold lately and think I may add this to my collection.

  2. Lovely project!! They look awesome! :)


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