Friday Favourites // steamy showers on cold mornings

I’ve come to a bit of a realization today: that we all need to appreciate the little things in life just a little bit more. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of our busy days and forget that life is made up of moments. A lot of these moments go unnoticed. Yeah, we still enjoy our favourite little things, but we sure don’t give them the notice they deserve. Perhaps if we all took a few seconds to really recognize, appreciate, and relish in the smaller joys that are scattered throughout our day, we wouldn’t get quite so exhausted by the pursuit of all the fancy ‘big stuff’. That’s why I’ve decided to do this little series on the blog called “Friday Favourites” - on some Fridays (not all of them, let’s be serious here) I’ll post a tiny blurb on one of my favourite things in life. They’ll be small and trivial and absolutely wonderful, at least to me. While this is more for myself than anyone else, perhaps it will inspire you to pinpoint some of the tiny moments in your life that bring you joy too! Let’s show a little gratitude for those little things in life that make us happy!

Friday Favourite // steamy showers on cold mornings

The house is cold, it’s still dark out, and somehow you have to find a way to peel yourself out of your bed cocoon and greet the morning. You tiptoe across the frosty floor, shred your warm pyjamas and stand naked and shivering, waiting for the shower to heat up. And then when you finally step into the basin, all of your problems disappear for just a second. For one blissful moment you have nothing to do in the world but happily roast under a curtain of hot, steamy water. The best!


  1. That moment is the best! I always seem to lose track of time in the shower and spend WAY to long there! But it is just so wonderful!

  2. Oohh your blog is so pretty! Loving all the photos and pretty fonts!

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