A Date In The Forest

I've been craving nature, simplicity, and escape lately, so yesterday the Mr. and I went on a date in the forest! It was such a beautiful and much-needed change of pace from our usual routine! We packed a small bag with a few essentials; fire-making equipment, a pot, a couple cans of chili, coffee (of course), and a picnic blanket, and we set out for the woods. British Columbia boasts some of the most stunning forests, and it did not disappoint! We soaked in the golden, filtered sunlight and filled our lungs with the cool, crisp mountain air until we had both let go of our stresses and shed, for a moment, the weight of our busy lives back in the city. It was perfection! For the next date you have with your partner, your friends, or just your adventurous self, I completely recommend getting out there and connecting with nature. To inspire you, here is a peek into our gorgeous day:

So amazing! We got back in the car with pink cheeks, huge grins, and chattered all the way home about what a great time we had and where our next outdoor adventure would take us. It was a really beautiful mini-escape. Now get out there and spend some time with good ol' Mother Nature!


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