Date Jars

DIY: Date Jar

“What should we do tonight?”

If you’re frequently stumped on what to do for “Date Night” this DIY is for you!! These lovely Pinterest-inspired gems are called Date Jars, and they are the perfect way to add a little fun to your boring old ho-hum dates.

The jar is filled with colour-coded date ideas! In my jar, turquoise is at home dates, yellow is casual/cheap dates, and green is fancy/expensive dates.  When you’re in need of an idea, just fish out a stick in the colour of your choice, and Voila! Date idea!

This DIY is super easy… all you need is:
-       Popsicle sticks
-       Paint (spray paint is fastest)
-       Sharpie marker
-       Jar

Step 1: Paint your popsicle sticks in different colours and let them dry completely
Step 2: Write date ideas on the sticks with your Sharpie
Step 3: Throw the sticks in the jar!

Here’s some of the date ideas I used to get you started:

Home Dates:
-       Cook something new together
-       Play a board game
-       Make dessert together
-       Make a scrapbook of your pictures
-       Stargazing with hot chocolate
-       Pretend picnic in the living room
-       Make music playlists for each other
-       Pizza and a movie
-       Foreign film and foreign food
-       Nerf Gun mission impossible
-       Movie marathon with candy

Casual Dates:
-       Kayak the inlet
-       Go out for ice cream
-       Attend a drop-in yoga class
-       Movie date
-       Hit up an outdoor market
-       Go for a hike
-       Go out for dessert instead of dinner
-       See a comedy show or a play
-       Go to the aquarium
-       Shop for each other – pick one item each
-       Picnic at the park
-       Take photos around town

Fancy Dates:
-       Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
-       Go home for the weekend to visit the family
-       Couples massage
-       Fancy dinner out
-       Plan a vacation
-       Go to a concert
-       Buy something special for the house
-       Buy and prepare a really good steak
-       Hockey game
-       Adopt a sponsor child

Do you have any other ideas to add to the jar??


  1. What a wonderful idea! This is so cool. I think this jar would work well for people who have kids, too, or for hanging out with friends :) Looks so pretty, too!

  2. This is such a great idea!!! I have to try it...:-)))))))

  3. THESE ARE SO ADORABLE. I'm not into DIY generally, but I love these because they give me an excuse to eat a ton of Popsicle this summer.

    Following you back!

  4. This is awesome! I have a thing like this I use for DIY projects. Though a Date Jar sounds like much more fun than my DIY Can. lol!

  5. This is such an adorable idea! Really really cute and looks like a lot of fun :) I would add (although it's similar to the lounge room picnic one) is make a blanket fort and have dessert in there! Dim the lights and it's really romantic :)

    Oh, and if you love having gorgeous nails, check out my Butter London Giveaway!

  6. this is so creative <3 would try this soon :D thanks for sharing!

    following your blog now! xx

  7. This is such a cute idea! i love it!

  8. you're so creative, would love to make one at home :)
    love your blog dear, i'm following you, mind to follow back? thank you :)


  9. Oh my gosh! I absolutely love this idea! This is so perfect for me and my boyfriend.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. I'm single and I love this idea ha, antiques shopping's another one..sounds boring but it's not! Another is going for high tea X

  11. your blog is so lovely & inspiring! glad to have found yours too :) and i adore this idea, very sweet x


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