Stamped Anchor Tank Top

A few weeks ago I bought a big men’s t-shirt from the thrift store for a few bucks (see it here), and I knew I wanted to make it into a slouchy tank top with some kind of design on the front. I looked around for stamps FOREVER but I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I learned how to make my own!! This DIY tutorial will show you how to make your very own stamped tank top, in any design you like… So fun :)

-       Shirt (and a sewing machine if you plan on altering it)
-       Sticky foam sheets
-       Block of wood
-       Fabric-friendly paint (I used this, and it’s fantastic)
-       Felt

Step 1: Lay out your shirt and mark where you want to cut it… don’t stress about this too much, it’s supposed to look slouchy!

Step 2: Cut it and finish the edges with a sewing machine (or just leave it unfinished, it would probably look sweet)

Step 3: Draw or trace your desired stamp design onto a sticky-back foam sheet

Step 4: Cut out your design (this is easiest with a small, sharp knife)

Step 5: Peel the backing off of the foam sheet and stick your cutout onto a block of wood… you just made a stamp!

Step 6: Make your stamp pad: put a dollop of fabric-friendly paint onto a plastic plate and lay a square of felt on top. Let the paint bleed through the felt until it is saturated (you can help the process along by pressing down on the felt with a popsicle stick or something)

Step 7: Dip your stamp into the stamp pad and lightly press it down onto your shirt (IMPORTANT: put something between the front and back of the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side… I used a piece of poster board)

Step 8: If you want to change colours, gently wipe the stamp with a damp paper towel and create a new stamp pad

Step 9: Let it dry!

YOU'RE DONE! you crafty thing, you!

I just know I’m going to go on a fabric-stamping rampage now that I’ve learned this trick! I plan on stamping a bunch of throw pillows for our new couch… I think one with a bunch of mustaches would be so awesome. Any other ideas??



  1. WOW! I am so happy to be following you now. Totally worth it. Thank you for the creative DIYS and delicious looking recipes!

  2. That's a really nice idea! Great!
    I always like DIY projects!

  3. This is a great idea! You are always finding great crafts!

  4. This is awesome! Really like the anchors and how you made your own stamp. We will have to try it out!

  5. And a mustache pillow is a great idea....

  6. thanks for sharing, i have been looking around for fabric paint for ever and i'm so glad that i see this share!


  7. Ok, how cute is that? I love it! You are so creative.
    I am your newest follower and so happy I found your blog!

    Follow me at

  8. hipster glasses would look cute with the mustache. :) This is really really creative! :) Love it!

  9. That's so cool. You stamp so well. Definitely checking out your other DIYs!

  10. This is such a cute idea! I am obsessed with anything nautical - love!!!



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