DIY "I love you because..." Dry Erase Message Board!

My finacé and I are always leaving little notes for each other around the house, so I thought this little "I love you because..." dry erase message board would be a fun addition to our regular old post-its and lipstick scrawls on the mirror! It's very easy and cheap to make, and I think it looks so cute in our place. I'm also super excited to report that it's possible to print on fabric with a regular inkjet printer!

You'll need:
- Frame with glass (I picked mine up from the thrift store for $2 and spray painted it)
- Fabric (I got this at the thrift store too, it was a burlap-style linen)
- A Printer
- Dry Erase Markers
- Scissors
- 8.5x11 inch Cardstock
- Tape

Create a design to print on your fabric. I used two different fonts (download them free here and here!) Be sure to set the dimensions of your design to fit whatever frame size you chose. 

Cut your fabric to fit the inside of the frame, then tape it on to a sturdy piece of printer-sized cardstock (8.5x11inches) - you MUST use cardstock, and not regular paper, or your printer will jam when you feed the fabric through! Tape all around the edges so nothing gets snagged inside the printer.

Print your design on to the fabric, and load it in to your frame! Voila!

I love how this turned out! And I love that it encourages my honey and I to leave sweet messages for each other. A very wise person once told me that sometimes we need to choose to love. Some days we don't feel like it - we'd rather be grouchy, judgmental, or sarcastic to our favourite people - but choosing love, even if it comes from something small and commonplace, can help us to stay kind and beautiful. This is just one little way to encourage the choice of love!

 Lots and lots of LOVE! 



  1. This is lovely! I'm sure it will be a great way to leave notes for your partner :) ~Stephanie

  2. Oh I absolutely love this! I was planning on doing a DIY chalkboard, but chalk is messy, so I will do this instead! So cool! Thanks for visiting Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

  3. Great post! I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? PS- Love the design of your blog!!!!!!

  4. So beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul :')
    Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Hi there, what size font did you use?

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